EJBL Rules

The league will play by regular slo-pitch rules with the following highlights or exceptions:

  • Games are 9 innings long.
    • The away team bats first, and the home team does not bat if they are leading after the top of the 9th inning.
    • If a game is tied through 9 innings, the teams play extra innings, each starting with one out and with the previous inning’s last batter out as the runner on second base.
    • There is a seven run maximum in every inning besides the ninth.
  • The league encourages sportsmanship and fair play.
    • Baserunners are not allowed to lead-off or steal bases – you can only run on contact with the ball. In regular slo-pitch rules, all baserunners that lead-off are called out. In the EJBL we allow one relax-step per team per game so that games don’t change on an honest such mistake. After the first warning by the umpire any other players on the warned team will be called out.
    • The League does not follow any rules pertaining to stepping out of the batters box or stepping on the home plate or mat while batting.
    • If the opposing team is short a couple players, please be willing to provide at least a catcher for them on defense.
    • Allow new players to the league a few weeks to become comfortable with the rules.
  • We use the commit line and the scoring line to avoid collisions at home plate.
    • Once the runner has passed the commit line from third to home (about 2/3 of the way there on unmarked fields), he cannot return to third base.
    • If he passes the scoring line before the catcher has possession of the ball, the run counts. The runner does not need to and in fact is not allowed to touch the actual home plate.
  • Third strike foul ball:
    • A strikeout is assessed if a player hits a foul ball with two strikes already in the count.
  • All bats being used must be approved by the umpires before every game played
    • If a team brings an outside bat that is approved, the bat can be used by their opponent
    • A team caught using a bat not approved will automatically forfeit the game